AJAX Transparent Redirect

To facilitate PCI compliant credit card collections Fusebill provides an AJAX Transparent Redirect endpoint which you can use to securely capture customers' credit cards. If you are adding the first payment method on a customer, it will be set to the default payment method automatically.

This API action requires a separate public API key, and makes use of reCAPTCHA to protect against bots and scripting. Additionally, the domain making the request must be on your account's whitelist. The only way to add, edit, or remove which domains are on this whitelist is to contact Fusebill support.

You can find your public API key and view the whitelisted domains for your account under Settings > Integrations > Transparent Redirect

Unlike the basic transparent redirect, this version does not take in a success/fail URL or present the user with a processing screen. This gives your developers more freedom to handle the response as desired.


Fusebill Payments

When using Fusebill Payments as your gateway processing account, some additional processing and data is required.

The extra fields are the email, clientIP, and riskToken
Additional information for these fields is available here.