Credit Object

A customer credit is a type of transaction that represents an increase to a customer's available credit. The Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies a credit object is actually a transaction ID

Credit Object Fields

referenceStringA reference intended to be an explanation of why this credit was given. [Max Length: 500 characters]
effectiveTimestampTimestampThe effective timestamp of the customer credit
customerIdIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID of the customer entity for which the original credit was applied
[Read Only]
amountDecimalThe total amount of customer credit
currency3-character ISO currency codeThe currency the amount is measured in
unallocatedAmountDecimalThe total amount of the customer credit that has not been allocated to an invoice
reversableAmountDecimalThe amount of this customer credit that can still be reversed
invoiceAllocationsList of Objects. Defined belowA breakdown of how this customer credit was allocated across multiple invoices.
debitsList of Objects. See Payments: Debit Object for definition.The debits (also called credit reversals) applied against this customer credit.
idIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID for this credit object
[Read Only]
uriStringThe full string path to this resource
[Read Only]

Invoice Allocation Fields

invoiceIdIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies this invoice
[Read Only]
invoiceNumberIntegerThe invoice number
[Read Only]
amountDecimalThe amount of the payment that was allocated to this invoice
outstandingBalanceDecimalThe current outstanding balance of the invoice. Not the amount that was outstanding at the time of payment
invoiceTotalDecimalThe total of the invoice
netsuiteIdStringThe ID of this invoice in Netsuite
quickBooksIdNumberThe ID of this invoice in QuickBooks
uriStringThe full string path to the invoice
[Read Only]