Customer Address Preferences Object

The customer address preferences object acts as a link between a customer resource and their billing and (optionally) shipping addresses. The preferences resource returns both billing and shipping addresses if they exist along with other address related information like which address should be used for shipping or the optional fields for the contact name and shipping instructions.

Customer Address Preferences Fields

contactNameStringThis is an optional field for storing the contact name of the recipient, if different from the name included in the address itself.

[Max Length: 100]
shippingInstructionsStringThis free text field allows you to add shipping instructions.

[Max Length: 1000]
useBillingAddressAsShippingAddressBooleanThis determines if this resource will have both a shipping and billing address. If true, the shipping Address is hidden in the UI although it would still be returned in a call to GET CustomerAddressPreferences. If false, the shipping address is also displayed in the UI and, if the account level settings are set to show the shipping address, both addresses will appear on all invoices. Note that shipping instructions will appear in the notes section of all invoices.
billingAddressObject. Defined in Shipping/Billing Address ObjectThe billing address
shippingAddressObject. Defined in Shipping/Billing Address ObjectThe shipping address
idIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID of the customer

[Read Only]
uriStringFull path to the customer address preference object.

[Read Only]