Read Plan Product

This request retrieves a single plan product based on the Fusebill generated ID. A plan product differs from a product in that it has an associated plan and frequency and may have certain fields, such as price, overwritten from the base product object.

Path Parameter

planProductIDIntegerFusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies the plan product
curl –X GET{planProductID}\ 
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \ 
-H "Authorization: Basic {APIKey}"
//Setup API key 
string apiKey = "{APIKey}"; 
//Configure URI 
WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create("HTTPS://{planProductID}"); 
//Add Content type 
request.ContentType = "application/json"; 
//Add Api key authorization 
request.Headers.Add(HttpRequestHeader.Authorization, "Basic "+apiKey); 
//Set request method 
request.Method = "GET"; 
//Perform the request 
var httpResponse = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse(); 
//Record the response from our request 
var result = ""; 
using (var streamReader = new StreamReader(httpResponse.GetResponseStream())) 
  result = streamReader.ReadToEnd(); 
#Import library JSON 
import json 
#Import library Requests 
import requests 
#Pass in a dictionary to the Headers parameter 
headers = {'Authorization' : 'Basic {APIKey}', 'Content-Type' : 'application/json'} 
#Pass in your URI and Headers 
r = requests.get('{planProductID}',  headers=headers) 
  "status": "Active",
  "productId": 54893,
  "planId": 17227,
  "productCode": 55,
  "productName": "access",
  "productStatus": "Active",
  "productDescription": "A description here",
  "productType": "RecurringService",
  "productGLCode": "LiscenceRevenue",
  "quantity": 1,
  "maxQuantity": null,
  "isRecurring": true,
  "isFixed": false,
  "isOptional": false,
  "isIncludedByDefault": true,
  "isTrackingItems": false,
  "chargeAtSubscriptionActivation": true,
  "orderToCashCycles": [
      "planFrequencyId": 22002,
      "planProductId": 60888,
      "numberOfIntervals": 1,
      "interval": "Monthly",
      "chargeModels": [
          "chargeModelType": "Signup",
          "chargeTimingType": "StartOfPeriod",
          "prorationGranularity": null,
          "prorateOnPositiveQuantity": false,
          "prorateOnNegativeQuantity": false,
          "reverseChargeOnNegativeQuantity": false,
          "id": 111888,
          "uri": null
          "chargeModelType": "Lifetime",
          "chargeTimingType": "Immediate",
          "prorationGranularity": null,
          "prorateOnPositiveQuantity": false,
          "prorateOnNegativeQuantity": false,
          "reverseChargeOnNegativeQuantity": false,
          "id": 111888,
          "uri": null
      "remainingInterval": null,
      "groupQuantityChangeCharges": false,
      "planProductPriceUplifts": [],
      "customServiceDateNumberOfIntervals": 0,
      "customServiceDateInterval": "Periods",
      "customServiceDateProjection": "Future",
      "upliftPriorToRecharge": false,
      "includingInitialCharge": false,
      "earningInterval": "Monthly",
      "earningNumberOfIntervals": 1,
      "earningTimingInterval": "Daily",
      "earningTimingType": "StartOfInterval",
      "pricingModel": {
        "pricingModelType": "Standard",
        "quantityRanges": [
            "min": 0,
            "max": null,
            "prices": [
                "amount": 60,
                "currency": "USD",
                "id": 155689,
                "uri": null
            "id": 121112,
            "uri": null
        "id": 18875,
        "uri": null
      "id": 136735,
      "uri": null
  "resetType": "Never",
  "planProductUniqueId": 60607,
  "sortOrder": 1,
  "generateZeroDollarCharge": false,
  "id": 60888,
  "uri": ""
    "ErrorId": 0,
    "HttpStatusCode": 404,
    "Errors": [
            "Key": "Api Error",
            "Value": "PlanProduct with id 123 not found."