Payment Activity Object

While the payment object represents the details of a payment made by a customer, the payment activities object covers events even if there's no associated transaction ID or activity in accounts receivable. For example, It includes card validations and failed collection attempts. All payment objects contain a payment activity ID for the (successful) payment activity and possibly a payment activity ID for the (successful) refund payment activity.

Payment Activity Object Fields

customerIdIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies the customer object.
[Read Only]
statusEnum:{Successful, Failed, Unknown}Indicates whether the activity failed, succeeded, or is an unknown status
effectiveTimestampTimestampThe time this payment activity effectively occurred
createdTimestampTimestampThe time this object was created
sourceEnum:{Manual, Automatic, SelfServicePortal, Import}Indicates the source of this activity
methodStringA description of the payment method involved e.g "CreditCard (Visa ending in 1234)"
[Read Only]
transactionTypeEnum: {NSF, Validate, Collect, Refund}Indicates the type of transaction this payment activity relates to
amountDecimalThe amount involved with this payment activity. Potentially zero if the payment activity does not involve monetary movement such as a credit card validation.
gatewayFeeDecimalThe amount charged by the gateway. Null if not applicable.
currency3 character ISO codeThe unit of financial measurements on this object
transactionObject. See Payments: Payment Object for detailsA payment object if this payment activity has an associated payment.
methodIsAchBooleanTrue if the method used was ACH
parentCustomerIdIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID of the parent customer if customer hierarchy is being used.
[Read Only]
reconciliationIdStringThe ID to be used for reconciliation
idIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that identifies this payment activity
[Read Only]
uriStringThe full string path to this resource
[Read Only]