Sales Tracking Code Object

Via the API you can read, create, edit, and retire sales tracking codes at the account level. sales tracking codes are a way of segmenting the customer base for reporting purposes.

Sales Tracking Code Object Fields

typeStringThe category name this code falls under. Fusebill supports 5 distinct categories. By default the names are "Sales Tracking Code 1", "Sales Tracking Code 2",..."Sales Tracking Code 5" but they can be customized. [Max Length: 255 characters]
codeStringThe code from the category pick-list. [Max Length: 255 characters]
nameStringThe name associated with the code [Max Length: 255 characters]
descriptionStringA description of the pick-list value [Max Length: 1000 characters]
emailStringAn email associated with the sales tracking code. [Max Length: 255 characters]
statusEnum:{Active, Retired}Indicates the usability of the sales tracking code
deletableBooleanTrue if this code can be deleted without impact
idIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies this sales tracking code
[Read Only]
uriStringThe full string path to this resource
[Read Only]