Transactions Object

The Transactions resource describes a transaction in the Fusebill system. Transactions include charges, and their components such as taxes, refunds, reversals and payments. All items which appear on an invoice, such as plan charges, products, taxes, etc, will generate a Transaction record. Likewise, all actions taken against an invoice, including payments, refunds and reversals, write offs, etc, will also generate a Transaction record.

​The list of Transactions can be used as a record of billing activity for a given customer account.

Transaction Object Fields

effectiveTimestampTimestampThe effective timestamp of this transaction
transactionTypeEnum. See below for listIndicates the type of AR activity
nameStringA Fusebill generated label to describe the transaction
descriptionStringThe description of the associated product. Possibly null
productCodeStringThe code of the associated product. Possibly null
paymentActivityIdIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID of the associated payment activity. Possibly null
referenceStringThe authorization code from the gateway if applicable. Possibly null
manualReferenceStringFor payments and credits, this is the manual reference which can be provided at the time of credit/payment creation.
quantityDecimalThe quantity used to determine the amount of money moving in the transaction (the arDebit or arCredit)
unitPriceDecimalThe amount multiplied with the quantity to determine the amount of money moving in the transaction (the arDebit or arCredit)
arDebitDecimalThe debit to accounts receivable
arCreditDecimalThe credit to accounts receivable
glCodeStringThe general ledger code being used for this transaction. Can be null
invoiceAllocationList of objects. Defined belowdefines how this transaction was allocated across multiple invoices if applicable
associatedIdIntegerThe ID of the associated transaction. For example, the associated transaction of a reverse credit is the original credit transaction. If the transaction does not have an associated transaction (such as a charge) then this field is equal to id
idIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies this transaction
uriStringThe full string path to this resource

Invoice Allocation Fields

invoiceIdIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies this invoice
invoiceNumberIntegerThe invoice number
amountDecimalThe amount of the transaction that was allocated to this invoice
outstandingBalanceDecimalThe current outstanding balance of the invoice. Not the amount that was outstanding at the time of the transaction
invoiceTotalDecimalThe total of the invoice
uriStringThe full string path to the invoice


Possible transactionType values are:

1 - Charge
2 - Setup fee
3 - Payment
4 - Full refund
5 - Partial refund
6 - Earning
7 - Reverse charge
8 - Reverse setup fee
9 - Reverse earning
10 - Write off
11 - Tax
12 - Reverse Tax
13 - Disputed
14 - Discount
15 - Reverse Discount
16 - Opening balance
17 - Credit
18 - Reverse Credit
19 - Opening balance owing
20 - Purchase
21 - Deferred Discount
22 - Reversed Deferred Discount
23 - Earning Discount
24 - Reverse charge earned
25 - NSF
26 - Opening Deferred Revenue
27 - Earning Opening Deferred Revenue