Update Address Preferences

This function allows you to edit a customer address preferences resource. The id field in the body is the ID of the customer you wish to update the preferences for.

Customer Address Preferences Fields

FieldData TypeDescription
idIntegerThis is the Customer ID (Fusebill ID) of the custom to whom these preferences apply.
shippingInstructionsStringThis free field allows you to specify instructions for shipping. [Max Length: 50 characters]
useBillingAsShippingBooleanThis determins if this resource will have both a shipping and billing address or if it will use the billing address for both.
contactNameStringThis field can be used to store the contact name of the recipient, if different from the name stored in the address. [Max Length: 50 characters]
curl -X PUT "https://secure.fusebill.com/v1/CustomerAddressPreferences" \
	-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
	-H "Authorization: Basic {APIKey}" \
	-d "{customerId:{customerId},contactname:'John',shippingInstructions:'Signature required.',useBillingAddressAsShippingAddress:true,billingAddress:null,shippingAddres:null}"
//Json data, Fusebill Id which corresponds to the customerId Field
string jsonData = "{id:{customerId},contactname:'John',shippingInstructions:'Signature required.',useBillingAddressAsShippingAddress:true,billingAddress:null,shippingAddres:null}";
//Setup API key
string apiKey = "{APIKey}";
//Configure URI
WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create("HTTPS://secure.fusebill.com/v1/CustomerAddressPreferences");
//Add Content type
request.ContentType = "application/json";
//Add Api key authorization
request.Headers.Add(HttpRequestHeader.Authorization, "Basic "+apiKey);
//Set request method
request.Method = "PUT";
//Add the json data to request
using (var streamWriter = new StreamWriter(request.GetRequestStream()))
//Perform the request
var httpResponse = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse();
//Record the response from our request
var result = "";
using (var streamReader = new StreamReader(httpResponse.GetResponseStream()))
  result = streamReader.ReadToEnd();
#Import library JSON
import json
#Import library Requests
import requests
#Pass in a dictionary to the Headers parameter
headers = {'Authorization' : 'Basic {APIKey}', 'Content-Type' : 'application/json'}
#Pass in a dictionary to the Payload parameter
payload = {"contactName":"John 


#Pass in your URI, Payload and Headers
r = requests.put('https://secure.fusebill.com/v1/customerAddressPreferences', data=json.dumps(payload), headers=headers)
    "contactName": "Alex Goldstien",
    "shippingInstructions": "Leave package by the side door",
    "useBillingAddressAsShippingAddress": true,
    "billingAddress": {
        "customerAddressPreferenceId": 654144,
        "companyName": "Electricity Inc",
        "line1": "10 April Rd",
        "line2": "Unit A",
        "countryId": null,
        "country": null,
        "stateId": null,
        "state": "New York",
        "city": "New York",
        "postalZip": "12345",
        "addressType": "Billing",
        "valid": true,
        "id": 262515,
        "uri": "https://secure.fusebill.com/v1/addresses/262515"
    "shippingAddress": null,
    "id": 654144,
    "uri": "https://secure.fusebill.com/v1/customeraddresspreferences/654144"
	"contactName": "Frank",
	"shippingInstructions": "signature required",
	"useBillingAddressAsShippingAddress": true,
	"billingAddress": null,
	"shippingAddress": null,
	"id": 84072,
	"uri": "https://secure.fusebill.com/v1/customerAddressPreferences/84072"
    "ErrorId": 0,
    "HttpStatusCode": 400,
    "Errors": [
            "Key": "customerAccountPreference.useBillingAddressAsShippingAddress",
            "Value": "Error converting value {null} to type 'System.Boolean'. Path 'useBillingAddressAsShippingAddress', line 4, position 46."