Subscription Product Price Override Object

You can modify default plan product pricing by using the subscription product price override endpoint or you can modify the subscription product using a PUT request and including a subscriptionProductPriceOverride object in that request.

The new pricing will be in affect for the duration of the subscription or until the override changes or is removed completely (restoring the default plan product pricing and pricing model)

Subscription Product Price Override Object Fields

chargeAmountDecimalThe amount of the topmost price range.
priceRangesList of objects. Defined belowA list of quantity ranges to determine pricing.
pricingModelTypeEnum: {Standard, Stairstep, Volume, or Tiered}Dictates how the price is calculated using the quantity.
idIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies the subscription product the override applies to
[Read Only]

Price Ranges Fields

minDecimalThe lower bound of the range
maxDecimalThe upper bound of the range. Null is interpreted as infinity
priceDecimalThe price for this range