Plan Object

In Fusebill, a plan is the template used to generate subscriptions. It specifies available products as well as the defaults for inclusion, charge timing, quantity, pricing, custom fields, and other configurations. Plans also configure the frequencies for subscriptions of different monthly and annual intervals.

Plan Object Fields

codeStringThe code of this plan. Fusebill enforces uniqueness of this value.
[Max Length: 255 characters]
nameStringThe name of the plan. Can be overwritten on subscriptions made from this plan.
[Max Length: 100 characters]
referenceStringCalled 'Reporting Reference' in the UI.
[Max Length: 255 characters]
descriptionStringThe description of this plan.
[Max Length: 1000 characters]
longdescriptionStringCalled 'Notes' in the UI. [Max Length: 4000 characters]
statusEnum: {Active, Retired}Only active plans can be used to make subscriptions
modificationTimestampDateTimeThe timestamp of the last time this plan was modified.
planFrequenciesList of objects. Defined belowPlans have one or more defined frequencies that are used to create subscriptions
salesforceCompatibleBooleanTrue if this plan can be used with a Salesforce integration
idIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies this plan
[Read Only]
uriStringThe full string path to this resource
[Read Only]

Plan Frequency Fields

planRevisionIdIntegerThis is the unique identifier for this plan revision [Read Only]
numberOfIntervalsIntegerThis is the number of intervals that define a period
intervalEnum:{Yearly, Monthly}The unit of measurement used for defining billing periods
numberOfSubscriptionsIntegerThis is the number of instances of this plan currently in the system as subscriptions

[Read Only]
statusEnum: {Draft, Active, Retired}Indicates the status of the plan this subscription was sourced from.
isProratedBooleanThis indicates if the subscription should prorate its charges if activated in the middle of a billing cycle.

[Read Only]
prorationGranularityEnum:{Monthly, Daily}This defines how granular the proration calculations are
planFrequencyUniqueIdIntegerThis is an internal identifier.

[Read Only]
customFieldsObject. See Catalog: Custom Fields Object for definition.The only difference is that the field defaultValue is present instead of Value.
remainingIntervalIntegerThe number of intervals after which subscriptions made from this plan will expire unless overridden.
salesforceIdStringThe ID of the Salesforce price book this Plan Frequency is associated with in Salesforce. Populated only if the Salesforce plugin is being used.
idIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies this plan frequency.

[Read Only]