Payment Object

The payments resource represents the details of a successful payment made by a customer. This can be a manual payment, such as a check, or an automatically captured payment such as a payment made to cover the customer's recurring monthly charge. You are able to create new payments and view previous payments. Failed payment attempts do not result in a payment object. These instead result in a payment activity object

Payment Object Fields

paymentActivityIdIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID of the associated payment activity object
[Read Only]
referenceStringA custom string intended to explain why the payment was processed. [Max Length: 500 characters]
effectiveTimestampTimestampThe timestamp for when this payment occurred
customerIdIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies the customer [Read Only]
amountDecimalThe amount collected
currency3 character ISO currency codeIndicates the unit of measurement used on this object
invoiceAllocationsList of objects. See below for definitionDescribes how this payment is allocated across the invoices of the customer
refundsList of objects. See Payments: Refund Object for definitionA list of refunds applied against this payment
unallocatedAmountDecimalThe amount of this payment which is neither refunded nor allocated to an invoice. This amount contributes to the customer's available funds
refundableAmountDecimalThe amount of the payment that is not yet refunded.
gatewayFeeDecimalThe fee charged by the gateway
settlementObject. Defined belowContains settlement details for the payment. Can be null
idIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies this payment object
[Read Only]
uriStringThe full string path to this resource
[Read Only]

Invoice Allocation Fields

invoiceIdIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies this invoice
[Read Only]
invoiceNumberIntegerThe invoice number
[Read Only]
amountDecimalThe amount of the payment that was allocated to this invoice
outstandingBalanceDecimalThe current outstanding balance of the invoice. Not the amount that was outstanding at the time of payment
invoiceTotalDecimalThe total of the invoice
netsuiteIdStringThe ID of this invoice in Netsuite
quickBooksIdNumberThe ID of this invoice in QuickBooks
uriStringThe full string path to the invoice
[Read Only]

Settlement Object

statusEnum: {Unknown, Pending, Successful, Failed}The status of the settlement
modifiedTimestampTimestampThe last modified timestamp
lastCheckedTimestampTimestampThe last settlement check timestamp
nextCheckTimestampTimestampThe next settlement check timestamp
messageStringThe settlement status message