Draft Invoice Object

The draft invoice resource represents a future invoice. It contains identifying information on the customer, information on the billing period, the total amount of pending charges, and information on the scheduled charge date.

billingPeriodIdIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies the billing period
effectiveTimestampDateTimeThe effective timestamp for when the invoice posts
modifiedTimestampDateTimeThe timestamp of when this resource was last modified
statusEnum: {Ready, Pending, Projected}The status of the draft invoice. Only a ready draft invoice can be posted
poNumberStringThe standing PO number. Note that this is only populated if the draft invoice PO number has been overridden. [Max Length: 255 characters]
draftChargesList of objects. See Invoice and Statements: Charge Object for detailsA list of draft charges. This preview contains most of the same information as a charge.
subtotalDecimalThe subtotal of the invoice before taxes or discounts
totalDiscountDecimalThe sum of the applied discounts
totalDecimalThe total amount of the draft invoice once taxes have been accounted for. The pending charges
taxesList of Objects. Defined belowThe taxes on this invoice
paymentSchedulesList of Objects. Defined belowInvoices can be set to be paid in installments. If this is the case, this list will dictate the schedule on the posted invoice.
customerObject. See Customers: Customer Object for detailsA snapshot of the customer. Contains a slightly summarized version of the customer object.
notesStringBilling agents can write notes on draft invoices. Once posted the note is final. [Max Length: 500 characters]
shippingInstructionsStringThis free text field allows you to add shipping instructions such as "Bring to Loading Bay #7".
[Max Length: 1000 characters]
customerReferenceValueStringThe reference value of the customer. Intended to be your internal ID for the customer
termsEnum:{Net0, Net5, Net7, Net10, Net15, Net21, Net30, Net45, Net60, Net75, Net90, MFI1, DayOfMonth1, DayOfMonth2, DayOfMonth3, ... DayOfMonth29, DayOfMonth30, DayOfMonth31}The billing term for this draft invoice.
defaultTermsEnum:{Net0, Net5, Net7, Net10, Net15, Net21, Net30, Net45, Net60, Net75, Net90, MFI1, DayOfMonth1, DayOfMonth2, DayOfMonth3, ... DayOfMonth29, DayOfMonth30, DayOfMonth31}Terms can be overridden on ready draft invoices. This is the terms that would have been used if no override occurred.
isDefaultTermsBooleanIf true, then defaultTerms will be used to determine the due date instead of terms
lastGeneratedStringA string describing how long ago the draft invoice was generated
rollUpPdfBooleanIs true if the customer billing settings at the time of invoice posting specify to summarize multiple subscriptions to a single source catalog plan and plan products on PDFs when downloaded.
idIntegerThe Fusebill generated ID that uniquely identifies this draft invoice.
uriStringThe full string path to this resource

Tax Object

nameStringThe name of the tax
registrationCodeStringThe tax registration code
percentDecimalThe percent of the tax
totalDecimalThe amount of tax determined by combining the percent with the taxable amount

Payment Schedule Object

amountDecimalThe amount of the invoice that must be paid as part of this payment schedule. For when the invoice posts
daysDueAfterTermIntegerThe number of days after the term that this payment schedule is due. For when the invoice posts