API Resources URLs

The base URL for all Stax Bill API calls is To this base, you would append the URLs described in this documentation.



GET will return the list of up to 100 customers from your production account.


Some users may have older Fusebill testing environments that are accessed via instead of the regular

In the case where you are working out of one of these accounts, the base API URL is instead of

Resource URLs

Many of the Fusebill API resource URLs are structured in a limited hierarchy. There are a number of parent URLs followed by a number of child URLs. The child URLs return a list of child resources. Individual resources in this list are then accessed at parent URLs.



GET returns a list of customers
GET{id} returns a single customer
GET{id}/subscriptions returns a list of all subscriptions belonging to the customer
GET{id} returns a single subscription

Each resource contains a URI that can be used to access it. We recommend following the URIs in the resources as opposed to hard coding URLs because it reduces the amount of work necessary to integrate and keep URL structure decoupled from your implementation.