Custom Fields Object

In Fusebill, custom fields are data fields which you can add to Products, Plans, and Plan Products. custom fields can be overridden at the Subscription and Subscription Product level. These fields allow you to store custom information or data inside the Fusebill platform which can be used to connect Fusebill with other systems in your organization.

Custom fields can not be created via the API so, they must first be created using our UI here:

Custom fields can be defined to hold data of types: date-time, Integers and String values and they can be created with default values. Once you have created the custom fields you need to add them to your catalog at the product level, Plans level and optionally at the Plan Product level. If you add a custom field in the catalog under Products then, when this product is included in a plan it will inherit the default value provided at the Product level but, this value can be overridden at the plan product level. Similarly, when subscriptions are created the plan and plan product custom field values can also be overridden with values specific to that subscription.

Custom Field Object Fields

keyStringThis is the unique key of the Custom Field you wish to modify.
[Max Length: 255 characters]
friendlyNameStringThis is the text friendly label for the key.
[Max Length: 255 characters]
dataTypeEnum:{String, Number, Date/Time}This is the data type for the custom field.
valueStringThis is the value you wish to update the custom field to. This will always be the string version of the value. If you wish to pass a number, for example, pass it as "123". Likewise, a DateTime would be passed as "2014-06-26T04:00:00". We will use the known data type of the custom field to properly convert the String to a Number, DateTime, etc.
[Max Length: 1000 characters]